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試験名称:IBM Cloudant Sales Mastery Test v1


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適切なIBM Software Sales Mastery M2020-745問題と解答(Q@A)を使って、受験者は問題と答えを理解しただけで、お客様のレベルが高くなります。

1.Cloudant’s replication can be effectively applied to which customer use cases?
A. A data delivery networking requiring continuous replication to geographically dispersed clusters
B. Client offline access for mobile devices or web browsers
C. Hot backups for continuous replication to another cluster
D. Cold backups for periodic point-in-time replications to another cluster
E. Avoidance of vendor lock-in {e. g. replication to a local CouchDB instance)
Answer: A

2.Which statement about Cloudant’s Gold Support service is incorrect?
A. Gold support provides customers with Cloudant-managed cluster resizing on demand.
B. Gold support is available for no charge under the Enterprise (dedicated) Single-tenant Cluster service
C. Gold support provides customers with Cloudant-managed code deployment, optimizations, and
systems monitoring.
D. Gold support is available for no charge under both Multi-tenant Cluster and Enterprise (dedicated)
Single-tenant Cluster service tiers.
E. None of the above.
Answer: B

3.Cloudant is best leveraged as an operational data store. It should not be applied as a Big Data analytics
warehouse solution.
A. True.
B. False.
Answer: B