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試験名称: IBM Analytics Commercial Sales Mastery Test v1
対応資格:IBM Software Sales Mastery

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Section 1: The Market for IBM Analytics Commercial (Midmarket). (12%)
Describe the characteristics of the growth opportunity within Commercial (Midmarket).
Identify the characteristics of the IBM Analytics Commercial (Midmarket) space.
Describe the scope (opportunity) of the IBM Analytics Commercial (Midmarket).
Identify the buyers of the IBM Analytics Commercial (Midmarket).
Identify the IBM Analytics Commercial (Midmarket) value proposition

Section 2: IBM Analytics Commercial (Midmarket) Solution Strategies (20%)
Describe the IBM Analytics Commercial (Midmarket) offerings, including the capabilities and value to the target buyers
Identify industry solution offerings and blueprints

Section 3: Prospecting for IBM Analytics Commercial (Midmarket) sales (10%)
Identify how to position Business Analytics Commercial (Midmarket) solutions within the prospect’s industry
Identify how to position Business Analytics Commercial (Midmarket) solutions within the prospect’s department or role
Identify potential pain points when selling into the commercial space
Identify how to transition a lead that was passed by IBM.

Section 4: Qualifying the IBM Analytics Commercial (Midmarket) opportunity (12%)
Identify how to determine opportunity viability.
Identify the influencer/decision maker relationship
Identity characteristics that define a qualified IBM Analytics Commercial (Midmarket) opportunity
Know the processes for opportunity identification and opportunity registration
Identify the decision makers of the transaction

Section 5: What Business Partners need to know about the transformation from on premise to SaaS sales (22%)
Identify the differences between on premise and SaaS Pricing models
Identify the importance of Server residency
Identify the value of working with VADs when selling SaaS offerings
Identify the options for incentives around SaaS opportunities
Identify the Bridge to Cloud

Section 6: Quoting IBM Analytics Commercial (Midmarket) Opportunity (5%)
Identify the process required to complete a quote for a specific soluiton.
Identify how to partner with IGF (IBM Global Financing)

Section 7: Selling IBM Analytics Commercial (Midmarket) solutions (20%)
Identify common pain points.
Describe how to overcome common objections
Identify IBM Analytics Commercial (Midmarket) cross sell and upsell opportunities
Identify how to progress an IBM Analytics Commercial (Midmarket) opportunity
Describe the value of solution selling with SVP Capability and SVP Industry authorization.
Identify how to work with constructs around IBM incentive compensation
Describe how to balance Identifying, selling and closing Services, SaaS and complementary software opportunities

弊社のIBM Software Sales Mastery M2090-805問題集はオンラインサービスとアフターサービスとオンラインなどの全面方面を含めてます。
最新で最全面的なIBM Software Sales Mastery M2090-805試験資料ですから、きっと試験に受かる勇気と自信を与えられます。
弊社のIBM Software Sales Mastery M2090-805参考書の利用結果によると、合格率は100パーセントに達したのですから、絶対あなたがM2090-805試験を受かることに重要な助けになれます。

1.Business Partners can earn more margin when they implement certain Plays.
For example, when IBM Business Partners sell the combination of IBM Cognos and IBM Case Manager
OR IBM Optim/Guardium and IBM StoredIQ, this would be called:
A. an Extended Play
B. a Land and Expand Play
C. a Synergy Play
D. a Road to Success Play
Answer: C

2.When selling into an organization, what does the Seller need to know from each individual on the
customer team involved with the project?
A. What products do they prefer?
B. What is their role and individual agenda?
C. What is their role in the project?
D. How does the project impact their job?
Answer: B

3.Which is NOT an IBM SaaS incentive program?
A. SaaS Referral
B. Software Value Incentive
C. SVP SaaS New & Reactivated Incentive
D. Certify Business Value Incentive
Answer: D

4.IBM Watson is cognitive technology that processes information more like a human than a computer.
Cognitive computing is described by which of the following attributes?
A. Analyze unstructured data, store it in a repository, and synthesize it for decision making.
B. Combine structured data in new ways to generate new analytic questions to explore.
C. Describe current data, prescribe actions to take, and predict outcomes.
D. Understand natural language, generate hypotheses, and learn as you go.
Answer: D

5.Does a Business Partner Seller find out which customers are up for renewal?
A. Their VAD would contact IBM to obtain information on which S&S orders will renew within the next
B. They would contact the IBM field team with the customer relationship to get a current list.
C. They would contact their BPR, who is informed each month of customers that are renewing their S&S
D. They would contact their VAD for the report that IBM sends them of all S&S orders about to renew
within the next 180 days
Answer: D