Testpassportは正確的なIBM Software Sales Mastery M9510-726問題集を整理して、直ちにもっとも最新の資料を集めて、弊社は全会一緻で認められています。
完全なIBM Software Sales Mastery M9510-726試験準備をして、気楽に試験を受かることができるようになります。
IBM Software Sales Mastery M9510-726認証試験をダウンロードして現場の試験の雰囲気を感じて試験に上手になります。IBM Software Sales Mastery M9510-726試験の認証資格を取ったら、あなたは多くの利益を得ることができます。
Testpassportは受験者に向かってIBM Software Sales Mastery M9510-726試験について問題を解決する受験資源を提供するサービスのサイトで、さまざまな受験生によって別のトレーニングコースを提供いたします。
弊社のIBM Software Sales Mastery M9510-726問題集は試験のために特別に研究されたもので、受験生からの良い評価をたくさんもらいました。


試験名称:IBM Rational DevOps Sales Mastery Test v1

弊社のIBM Software Sales Mastery M9510-726受験対策はIT認定試験の準備に使用することができるだけでなく、自分のスキルを向上させるためのツールとして使えることもできます。
弊社のIBM Software Sales Mastery M9510-726試験材料を勉強したら、あなたに極大な便利と快適をもたらせます。
弊社のIBM Software Sales Mastery M9510-726勉強資料を使用すると、あなたは自分自身の能力をよく高めることができ、仕事でよりよくそれらを適用することができます。


DO-SM – DevOps Sales Mastery Blueprint (15%)
Understanding of overall IBM DevOps strategy
Identifying client challenges
Demonstrate understanding of IBM strategy (maturity model)
Articulating IBM solution value

Understanding of Plan and Measure entry point (24%)
Identifying specific pain points in plan and measure
Correctly positioning IBM solutions for plan and measure
Articulating IBM solution value
Differentiating from competition

Understanding of Dev and Test entry point (29%)
Identifying specific pain points in develop and test
Correctly positioning IBM solutions for development and test – focus on 5 imperatives
Articulating IBM solution value

Understanding of Release and Deployment entry point (27%)
Identifying specific pain points in release and deployment
Correctly positioning IBM solutions for release and deployment
Understand and articulate deployment solutions for the cloud
Articulating IBM solution value

Understanding of Monitor and Optimize entry point (5%)
Correctly positioning IBM solutions for monitor and optimize
Articulating IBM solution value

弊社のIBM Software Sales Mastery M9510-726勉強資料は十分な知識を有する技術者としてその能力を評価するものです。
もし、IBM Software Sales Mastery M9510-726試験に準備するときに良いツールを使えば、多くの時間を節約することができるだけでなく、楽に試験に合格する保障を手にすることもできます。
弊社のIBM Software Sales Mastery M9510-726問題集の利用結果によると、合格率は100パーセントに達したのですから、絶対あなたがM9510-726試験を受かることに重要な助けになれます。
弊社のIBM Software Sales Mastery M9510-726参考書はあなたに試験に合格する自信を与えて、楽に試験を受けさせます。

1.Which option contains a pair of terms that both are Application Lifecycle Management imperatives which improve organizational productivity?
A. Real-time Traceability and In-context improvement
B. Lifecycle Collaboration and Continuous Quality
C. Development Intelligence and Continuous Improvement
D. Continuous Planning and Full Stack Provisioning
Answer: B

2.In order to deliver an enhanced customer experience that is differentiated and engaging, DevOps can help a business do which critical task?
A. accelerate key feature innovation
B. obtain and respond to customer feedback
C. increase the security of the customer experience
D. optimize the performance of the client interface
Answer: B

3.What are three key products under the Monitor and Optimize entry point of DevOps?
A. Tealeaf
B. IBM Digital Analytics
C. Rational Focal Point
D. SmartCloud Control Desk
Answer: A,B,D

4.Within the Plan and Measure entry point of DevOps, Rational Insight provides which important benefit?
A. empowers Line-of-Business managers to own a stake in the development process
B. enables managers to govern the entire product development lifecycle
C. improves process efficiencies and business outcomes
D. encourages close coordination between development groups
Answer: C

5.Using plug-ins, UrbanCode Deploy can publish mobile application binaries to which IBM product?
A. PureApplication Systems
B. Worklight Application Center
C. WebSphere Application Server
D. IBM Optim
Answer: A

6.The need for rapidly delivered innovation facilitated by IBM DevOps is driven by which three examples of emerging technology trends?
A. Cloud Computing
B. Social Media
C. Business Analytics
D. Wireless Communication
Answer: A,B,C

7.IBM has used DevOps continuous software delivery to improve which offering?
A. Collaborative Lifecycle Management
B. Business Analytics
C. IBM Cloud
D. Enterprise Content Management
Answer: A

8.You are meeting with a potential client who is describing the problems their team faces.
Which pain statement would lead you to consider proposing a solution based on Continuous Business Planning?
A. Our server-based applications do not seem to respond well during periods of heavy client usage.
B. We have a large number of products and services; we need a better way of determining which ones to maintain and which ones to end-of-life.
C. We are developing new web applications on our portal while reusing old mainframe transaction systems, and we cannot afford to set up large test lab environments.
D. We sometimes have difficulties evaluating the best approach to meeting our client’s specifications and safety standards.
Answer: B